Peter and Benhilda Wedding 2018

How it all happened!

Peter contacted me via WhatsApp enquiring about my services.  I knew I was dealing with an highly efficient individual due to his quick responses to every question about his special day.

I soon met the lovely Benhilda on the day of their engagement shoot in Regents Park one of Peter’s route for work.  Just like their wedding day they brought with them the sunshine on a day that was projected to be muggy and grey.

Thank you Peter and Benhilda for the opportunity to cover your wedding.  It was a lovely experience  to work with you both.

Wedding dress


Jack and Amalia – July Wedding – Leytonstone, London

I  found it a real joy photographing Jack and Amalia’s Wedding on July 9th.  Everyone know that to plan a outdoor wedding in England requires a lot of faith.  The couple had this in abundance as upon my arrival at the venue, white covered chairs decorated with summer bloom were set out under clear blue skies with not a guest marquee in sight!

Their lovely wedding was fun to photograph as many of the couples’ friends and family showcased their individual creativity.  There was just too many lovely moments and gorgeous people photographed on the day and so more images can be seen in the couples online gallery when they return from their honeymoon.

Ashridge Estate Walk, Hertfordshire – Karen & Andy’s Engagement

Ashridge Esate Hertfordshire Engagement Shoot
Ashridge Estate Hertfordshire – Enagement Shoot

Wow!  For a wet week, March 25, 2019 brought us a beautiful day with lots of sunshine on the day of Karen and Andy’s Engagement Shoot in the forest at Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire.

We arranged to meet at 1pm at the Visitor’s Centre where after a brief chat about how the shoot would commence, we did the Copse Forest Walk. I photograph the couple in the estate’s the beautiful woodlands.  After a minor stumble, tripping over a tree stump and scraping my palm, I brushed myself off and proceeded with the shoot.  Lovely!

Andy remembered an old cabin he used to play at when he was teenager growing up nearby.  It was so lovely watching him sharing his fun childhood memories with Karen about his days on the estate and remembering the must see places in the area.

Here are just few of the images taken on the day. Looking forward to their wedding on April!