Relax and Classic Wedding Photography

Like you I have been through the same process of finding a suitable wedding photographer online and have asked for personal recommendations. Having had the experience of being a bride, a bridesmaid and a matron of honour, I do understand the highs that comes with planning a wedding along with receiving and viewing a wedding photo gallery. I was blessed to have wonderful photographers at my own wedding (I got married on the beach in Jamaica and in Suffolk where my lovely in-laws lives).

My approach when shooting on a wedding day is far from the “stand here & do this” approach of a traditional wedding photographer. I am quiet on the wedding day as I watch and look for beautiful moments which can be fleeting. I aim not to influence a scene. For the most part, I let the wedding story unfold to capture those "blink-or-you-will-miss-them" moments that are important to re-tell the story. I know that capturing the wedding details and spontanteous acts by relatives and quests are very important as they can be easily missed by the bride when she is engrossed with her handsome groom and an excited wedding party.

Wedding Photography inspiration

Should an agreed time out of the day is set to take portraits of you both alone away from guests, I avoid being traditional, by taking inspiration from editorial magazines to create dynamic portait images. For this reason my photography style for portraits will attract a specific type of bride. Having a good experience with me on the engagement shoot goes a long way during the portrait session.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

In navigating a very saturated market you will find (this is the case for Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographers!) that the decision in choosing the right photographer lies with your budget and the style of photography you gravitate to.

Upon initial contact about my wedding photography services, my aim is to learn about you and how you envision your day. I communicate who am I, what I do and what you can expect from me so that you determine whether I am suitable. Upon being commissioned to cover the wedding, key information is obtained during the wedding planning phase. I keep in contact right up to the wedding day to ensure timings are finalised and to learn of any other new changes or developments.

In your search I suggest that you request to see a complete wedding gallery that has been shot from begining to end in different situations. My online wedding photo gallery showcase a combination of colour and black and white photography, the work I have done in past years. In our industry, its important to display curated images of our best work online to entice you to learn more about our services. Therefore it is for this reason that in your search you find a wedding photographer in London (or in your local area) who can shoot not a lovely bouquet and a portrait of the couple on their wedding day but can document the ceremony, reception, formals and other things in-between. Consider wedding online blogs that list photographers by county or general location for example wedding photographers in Buckinghamshire, regionally, by genre "documentary wedding photographer" or get word of mouth recommendations. These are great places to start in your search.

I am often asked what equipment do I use to achieve my photographs taken during a wedding or engagement session. As a Editorial and Candid photographer, it is the moment as it happens and my connection with the persons in front of me. The equipment is just a tool to get me results. However in case you want to know I am a Canon shooter using full frame and crop camera bodies. I use these not because they are recognisable brands but rather they help me achieve the look I desire for my clients. For lighting, I use a combination of natural light for light and airy feel when it is available on the day and strobe for after dark sessions for a dramatic feel. Posing being natural or formal is dependent on the environment and the moods of the individuals in front of me.

My hope is that I will be creating images that a client will happily give to themselves or a love one to remember the moment in the years to come.

Its now 12 years being married. I still pull out my albums to relive those memories and enjoy the emotions each image evoke when I look at them. I desire the same for a bride, the joy of looking through her album just like me and reliving the day.

Choose to use me as your wedding photographer because you like my work. Should you not choose me, I wish you all the very best with your wedding plans.