“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” — Annie Leibovitz

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Wedding Photographer

I am Vanesa White based in Chartridge, Buckinghamshire near Chartridge Lodge. I travel into London commissioned to provide classical, photojournalistic wedding photography services to couples requesting either a mid week wedding or weekend wedding coverage. I work primarily alone however I can provide a second shooter at an additional cost. I have shot elopements, registry, DIY and traditional church weddings. I have photographed large and small groups. I am quite efficient and not intimated by dark lighting situation as I am experienced in the use of strobes (owner of a portrait studio) and natural lighting.

I am also advance pro level Adobel Digital Retoucher.

Turnaround time is less than two weeks with sneak peak shots made available for your social feed within 24hrs.

Hit the contact me button or view images on my website to view sample work I have done over the years. All the best in your wedding planning.

Post Wedding day Highlights

As an experienced wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire , I believe all brides should endeavor to get the best wedding photographer they can afford. Consider when all your wedding guests have left the celebrations, leaving you both in the aftermath of wedding bliss and basking in the wonderful memories of the day. The one sure thing you will have are your beautiful curated photographs of your special day.


Chafik + Louisa Wedding

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Guests waited patiently outside of Beaconsfield Registry Office in Buckinghamshire awaiting the arrival of the couple. Prior to my arrival, I was with the bride and family and had left some minutes ahead of them for the wedding ceremony to find myself suitable parking outside the registry office. It was an intimate gathering due to the numbers allowed into the venue at a given time.

The lovely lady at the front desk provided guidance on how the registrar would work during the hours provided and indicated where on the grounds photos could be taken. The group was of different generations and nationality which provided lovely stimulation in organizing the groups shots before the ceremony.


Gretchen + Fionn Wedding

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The sound of quiet voices flow and ebb through the open entrance door down the long hall of Parkfords Hotel. Guests greet each other enthusastically not with hugs but with elbows bumps. They giggle at trying to refrain from stepping into each other's metre space. Bridesmaids and staff scurry by quickly with bags and wedding accessories. Fionn checks his watch periodically in anticpation whilst guests chat about the good fortune of the couple to be able to exchange vows before the country once again goes into lockdown for the christmas period. These are indicators of the begining to another of the hotel's covid weddings.


Tim + Jade

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Little ones aware that something exciting was happening, quietly sat observing the activities of semi dressed bridesmaids fussing over hair and attire. Wedding bouquets immersed in containers of water dotted the room where Jade sat. She submissively raised her glowing face to her makeup artist who attentively added lashes and makeup for dramatic and voluminous effect. Jade simply looked radiant. Nearby in another part of London Tim was getting ready. News filters in as the morning progresses with regular updateson the preparations of the groom and groomsmen.

Early afternoon quickly came, the bridal party positioned themselves at the door and step in time to the music to their position at the front of the pew. Walking down the aisle scattering rose petals was the bashful flower girl aided by maid of honor. These fluttered to the ground to join a path already covered in rose petals ready for the approaching bride whose smile beamed radiantly as her eyes beheld her future husband at the altar.


Peter + Benhilda

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There was hardly any room for those present as all seats were taken. For latecomers, it was standing room only. The voices of the singers filled the packed room lifting the hearts of those present to celebrate the love of Peter and Benhilda. As they committed their lives to each other, they did so knowing with utter confidence that their marriage would have at the centre of it, God. There are no words to express the joy eminating from the many souls gathered to witness the couple becoming one.

image by wedding photographer in buckinghamshire

Jack + Amalia

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Everyone knows that to plan an outdoor wedding in England requires a lot of faith. The couple had this in abundance as upon my arrival at the venue, white covered chairs decorated with summer blooms were set out under clear blue skies with not a guest marquee in sight!

Their lovely wedding was fun to photograph as many of the couples’ friends and family showcased their individual creativity. There were so many lovely moments and gorgeous people photographed on the day.


Carlton + Eno

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Poised and elegant, Eno floated down the aisle to meet her handsome husband-to-be on the day of their beautiful London Wedding. The congregation on both sides of the hall looked on admiringly. Finally, Carlton has found the one to give his heart to wholeheartly. With fingers interlocked ,they excited the church to the beat and sway of their chosen song whilst flurries of petals floated from above their heads to settle onto their shoulders.

The reception room came fully alive with the sound of music and its floor showcased distinct dance moves with the bride and groom taking center stage. Their love and beaming faces drew others in onto the dancefloor. The day was absolutely stunning.