Gretchen and Fionn

Gretchen + Fionn

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The sound of quiet voices flow and ebb through the open entrance door down the long hall of Parkfords Hotel. Guests greet each other enthusastically not with hugs but with elbows bumps. They giggle at trying to refrain from stepping into each other's meter space. Bridesmaids and staff scurry by quickly with bags and wedding accessories. Fionn checks his watch periodically in anticpation whilst guests chat about the good fortune of the couple to be able to exchange nuptials before the country once again goes into lockdown for the christmas period. These are indicators of the begining to another of the hotel's covid weddings.

Upon recommendation from a past client, the lovely Gretchen contacted me in October via WhatsApp to enquiry about my photography services for November 2020. As we all know photography services, like most other services offered to the general public, is subjected to government restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These restrictions affected how I worked on the day – keeping my distance and not moving from the spot I was assigned in the room by the registrar. I had to draw on all my creative resources and technical know how to ensure that I captured the images of the legal ceremony to tell the story. HOWEVER I am happy to say that during the religious part of the ceremony, I had a teeny bit more freedom.

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