Peter and Benhilda

Peter + Benhilda

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There was hardly any room for those present as all seats were taken. For latecomers, it was standing room only. The voices of the singers filled the packed the packed room lifting the hearts of those present to celebrate the love of Peter and Benhilda. As they committed their lives to each other, they did so knowing with utter confidence that their marriage would have at the center of it, God. There are no words to express the joy eminating from the many souls gathered to witness they becoming one.

The voices of the friends and family in the reception hall accompanied by the sounds of clincking wine glass exalted the virtues of Peter and Benhilda. They didn't have one toast, they had many. The lovely couple have made much impact on other people lives. The large room was filled with many from all walks of live from people they work with, those in their London church fellowship to friends and family near and far.

I am so honored to have met you both and wish you all the best!

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