Tim and Jade

Tim + Jade

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Little ones aware that something exciting was happening, quietly sat observing the activities of semi dressed brides fuss over hair and attire. Wedding bouquets immersed in containers of water dotted the room where Jade sat. She submissively raised her glowing face to her MUA who attentively added lashes and makeup for dramatic and voluminous effect. Jade simply looked radiant. Somewhere across London Tim was getting ready. News filters in as the morning progress on the details of where he and his mates were at.

Early afternoon quickly came, everyone positioned themselves at the door and step in time to the music to their position at the front of the pew. Walking down the aisle scattering rose petals was the bashful flower girl aided by maid of honor. These fluttered to the ground to join a path already covered in rose petals ready for the approaching bride whose smile beamed radiantly as her eyes beheld her future husband at the altar.

Both families and friends at the opposite side of the aisle were drawn into what would become a memorable wedding presided by the Bishop and respectively church elders.

Tim and Jade, THANK YOU for making it such as wonderful day.

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